Safety Management is about protecting your organization against undesired outcomes and helps to prevent not just incidents and accidents, but financial inefficiencies and losses too.


Historically, organizations have been required to be compliant with new regulations as they are implemented. However, with the latest proposals and regulations mandating Safety Management, the actual performance of your safety management system will now be assessed by your Regulators. The challenge and opportunity now is to continually enhance your Safety Management System (SMS) so that it can achieve standards of safety excellence and also contribute positively to your financial performance.


Our team’s Safety Management expertise and capability


We provide specialist expertise in diagnosing, designing, building, implementing and improving Safety Management Systems at strategic, management and technical levels.

Our comprehensive programs focus on developing and sustaining three key enablers:


Engaging Active Safety Leadership

Facilitating Intelligent Regulatory Adoption

Developing Positive Safety Cultures


Our research and experience in SMS provides us with intellectual leadership that is changing the way in which aviation safety is implemented globally. Our experts work closely with Management, Employees and Regulators to focus on developing effective Safety Management Systems that help you to build and integrate the key safety enablers across all levels of your organization.


We offer world class support services to improve your safety performance. We blend leading academic thought leadership in safety management with years of proven aviation experience to offer consultants with world class, practically-led solutions.


We have been instrumental in developing highly successful SMS programs for major clients around the world. We continuously research, evaluate and apply leading global practices. We have designed new tools and techniques for the practical and effective diagnosis and application of Safety Management Systems that have proved invaluable to safety performance around the world.

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Customized next generation process improvement methodologies individually tailored to the continuous quality management, operations, safety and systems solutions evolution throughout your organization.
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