Fletcher Aviation Consulting familiar with all airport and airline requirements allowing us to manage each phase of program development including:


Pre-planning Services                                                       Conceptual Design

Schematic Design                                                             Design Development

Bidding Services                                                               Contract Management

Construction Management                                                Commissioning

Project Close-out


Our project expertise includes:


Apron Gate Layouts                                                          Aircraft Parking Requirements

Ground Service Vehicle Requirements                             Lease Term Negotiations

Terminal Planning                                                             Gate Hold Room Planning

Demand Capacity Analysis                                               Facility Requirements

Ticket Counter Layout                                                      Passenger Security Screening

Bag Make-up and Handling Area Design                         Checked Baggage Screening

Bag Make-up and Handling Area Design


We have managed the entire range FAA and TSA requirements and experience with their programs including:


Passenger Facility Charge applications and reporting

FAA Letters of Intent                                                        FAA Part 77 Airspace Review

Airport Layout Plan development and approval               TSA PART 1542 Compliance

Airspace review for notices of proposed construction      FAR Part 139 Compliance

Exhibit "A" preparation and management                         Land acquisition   


Our broad expertise in airport management allows us to conduct policy research, analysis, and make recommendations in the specific categories of:


Airport Operations                                                            Airport Security

Human Resource management                                         Airspace Capacity Analysis

Airport Part 150 Noise Programs                                     Airport Maintenance

Air Traffic Control                                                            Police and Fire Protection

Airport Budget Management                                            Tenant Lease Negotiations

NEPA Environmental Compliance                                   Airport Risk Analysis


We specialize in a number of airport disciplines including:


Airport planning

Passenger and Operations forecasting

Facility Demand Capacity Analysis

Airline Industry Management

Airport Master Planning

Airfield Ground Movement Analysis

Emergency Management

Customized next generation process improvement methodologies individually tailored to the continuous quality management, operations, safety and systems solutions evolution throughout your organization.
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